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Born in 1983, I’ve always had a passion for the mountains, even though I come from the Venetian plain.
A few months after I was born, my parents took me to breathe the fresh mountain air, which I quickly fell in love with. When I was three, they put my first pair of skis on my feet and let me discover the beauty of gliding quickly and easily across the snow. It was love at first sight. They had no idea what was to come!
And then the long hikings and via ferrratas during the holidays in every corner of the Alps, from the Dolomites to Lombardy, Valle d’Aosta, France, Switzerland and Austria. There was never a holiday when we didn’t visit a new area!
Weekends were dedicated to discovering the Dolomites, the Carnic and Julian Alps, accompanied by my parents or my grandfather. I had already discovered my deep and visceral love for the mountains.

But trekking and climbing were not enough for me. I avidly read articles and books about climbing, mountaineering and ski mountaineering and I imagined myself there, experiencing the same intense, genuine and deep emotions. My driving licence and a few good friends did the rest. The first climbs on the rock, the first ski mountaineering expeditions were an important step in my mountaineering maturation.

But it still wasn’t what I was looking for. The sporting aspect wasn’t enough for me, climbing, skiing, running wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to experience the most authentic mountain, I wanted to know it more deeply, I wanted to feel part of it. And so, in addition to my degree in Forestry and Environmental Sciences, I decided to work in a refuge. And the opportunity that came my way was the best I could have ever had: for two years I managed the Capanna Punta Penia refuge, the highest refuge in the Dolomites (3,343 m). Two simply fantastic summers that will remain in my memory for the rest of my life. Far away from everyone and everything (there were no smartphones then, not even social networks), but so close to my spirit.

But there was another worm working in my head, and that was the desire to give others the opportunity to experience the emotions I had felt in the mountains. And so I decided to turn my passion into a profession, becoming a UIAGM Mountain Guide, to give you all the opportunity to breathe the fresh, thin mountain air in safety.